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St. John's is connected to a wider family of churches called a Diocese.  Click on this icon to learn more about the Diocese of Fredericton, of which we are a part.

This is a very popular daily devotional.  It is used by many in our church.

Daily prayer is very much a part of our desire to live with and for Jesus.  Click on this link if you would like to explore this helpful resource for morning, evening and late night prayer.


If you would like to access the Daily Readings for Morning and Evening Prayer used by the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services - the Anglican Church of Canada's Online Lectionary is for you.

The Revised Common Lectionary is a wonderful tool, but sometimes the connections between the readings can be hard to find.  Click on the image to find Canon George Eves' blog which discusses the readings for the coming Sunday in order to explore the rich perspectives on a single theme. 

If you are interested in learning how to meditate with Scripture this podcast is for you.  Using a wide variety of sacred music from around the world, reflective questions and well-read passages from the Bible this resource can help you go deeper as you relate to God through his word.

The Daily Examen is a method of prayerfully reviewing your day to see where God was present.  St. Ignatius taught that this form of prayer was essential for deepening our relationship with Jesus.  There are many forms of the Examen.  This one from the Fuller Institute is very helpful.

Whether you are wanting to learn how to better understand the Christian faith or another perspective, the Unbelievable Podcast offers expert and divergent opinions on various subject matters shared in respectful and helpful ways.


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