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Our Mission:
To enthusiastically worship and serve God so that the needs of the parish family and community can find fulfillment in Jesus Christ.​

What you can expect:

St. John the Evangelist Church is a welcoming community.  When we gather together there is a real sense of family.  Making visitors feel welcome is one of the gifts of our church, and we would be happy to extend our hospitality to you.

We gather for worship twice on Sundays - at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.


At 8:30 AM we share in Holy Communion according to the 1962 Book of Common Prayer. This service is quiet and reflective and usually lasts for one hour.


Our worship at the 10:30 service is informal and yet it beautifully incorporates the liturgy.  If you are unfamiliar with liturgical worship -there is no need to be intimidated.  At St. John's all of the liturgical components of our worship are projected on a screen - no book fumbling required.  Our worship will typically run between 60 and 90 minutes.  


The 10:30 service is always held in the Church Hall.  During this time a nursery and sunday school are available.  However, children are always a welcome presence throughout our time of worship.  Times of fellowship are really important at St. John's so please stick around following the service for some refreshments and conversation.

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