Session 1:  Confirmation, the Bible and Creation

For this session of Confirmation Online we will be using material originally produced in 2014.  Please watch the videos and email me your responses to the exercises, or any additional comments or reflections you may have.

In Preparation for your Confirmation become familiar with the Baptismal Covenant. This is what you are committing yourself to.

Part 1

Part 2

Session 2: Christian Spiritual Disciplines.  In order to access prayer material visit our Spiritual Resources page.

Session 3: As Christians we are responsible for the nurturing of our faith.  This can be difficult when we are constantly in environments that do not appreciate or even tolerate our love of Jesus.  Donna, a public school teacher and Rachel, a university student, tell us how they practice & nurture their faith in places where it is not welcome.  As you listen to their talk, ask yourself if you can relate to their experience?  Also take time to reflect on Romans 12:2.  What are some ways you can think of to secure your walk with Jesus?

Being a Christian @ School and Work - Donna and Rachel
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